Saturday, March 17, 2007

Les Moutons

Doria loves this picture she took just before the Eid in Bamako... everyone who had sheep to sell was trying to unload them for the holiday...

In other sheep news, this was our cousins' ram - I'm pretty sure he made it through the holidays as they've been breeding him for several years. Perhaps he's no intellectual, but he was quite interested in my camera.

These guys are not cheap. In the market at Mopti, I watched a woman bargaining for meat - she bought at around 12 thousand CFA per kilo - about 12 dollars a pound. Here in DC I just picked up some New Zealand lamb chops for half of that.

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keep3 said...

Wow, I sure do love those lamb chops. Done just the way she likes them. But, the fella looks soooo friendly.