Tuesday, December 26, 2006

berber banjo

We spent one day driving around in the High Atlas north of Marakesh... in the little market area near Sidi Fatma we ran into this threesome playing traditional music on drums and a four-string banjo so of course I needed to jam with them a bit....

I've got a lot less time to find a Cyber and post than I'd expected... way too much to do and see... I think the real blogging of this trip will happen after I get back home.


sean lee said...

I just got back from morocco & had the good fortune to jam with some berber musicians & figure out the banjo tuning that they used. the tuning is also good for jamming with gnaoua music bass lines.

rodrigo said...

could you please post some comments about the banjo tuning and scales used in moroccan berber music? I'm very interested in this style of music but no much information can be found in the internet.
Thanks in advance